Katie Sherrod, REALTOR®
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About Katie…

I was raised in West Tennessee in the middle of cotton and corn fields. When it came time for college, I couldn’t imagine leaving my home state, but I wanted to go somewhere different. The University of Tennessee was my first choice. Knoxville is so different than the little town I grew up in. Knoxville has hills, mountains, and a restaurant for every type of food I had ever thought of and some I hadn’t. I came for college and before I even realized it Knoxville had become my home. I married a native Knoxvillian so my roots now run even deeper.

The small town taught me a lot about people - and instilled a set of values that I bring to every client and transaction. When I am your agent, I make your needs a priority. I’m a talker so if there is any question or need I can help you with - don’t be afraid to call!

“Her communication is prompt and she is a joy to work with!”